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Precautions to take when parking in a NYC parking garage

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While no one can guaranty your bumper will not get damaged when you park on the street versus in a parking garage or vice versa, we at EuroBumperGuard.com do our best to help you prepare for any parking situation you might find yourself in by offering the latest in car door protection and rear bumper guards. Please take a minute to take a look at our recommendations based on where you are parking:

Outdoor Parking
For those “risk takers” who park on the street, you really have a few great options to protect your vehicle. For the rear, we recommend you check out our two all weather options, the BumperBully products and the Parking Armor protection products. Either of these, depending on your taste and the availability of your trunk space, is a great way to protect your rear bumper while parked on the street. Both of these product lines have a variety of options to choose from, whether its added padded protection, different size options or even steel reinforced security straps to deter theft.

To protect the front of our street parking customer’s cars we recommend BumpShox products, an all weather, and super durable tough line of license plate replacement frames. These, unlike the majority of our other products do not have to be removed before you drive. BumpShox adds that bit of extra protection from the car in front of you!

Indoor Parking Garage
For those of your brave enough to park in NYC parking garages… protect yourself! Don’t be the person who thinks parking garage bumper damage can’t happen to them. It can happen to anyone…in any garage! We recommend the BumperBlocker product line, which is designed specifically for use in parking garages. BumperBlockers wrap all the way around your bumpers from wheel well to wheel well protecting the most susceptible area of your bumpers…the corners. This wrap around product provides what we at EuroBumperGuard.com like to call 360° protection.

At the end of the day, regardless of whether you park on the street or in a parking garage, the threat of bumper damage is real. The best thing you can do is protect your car against unwanted damage by taking the necessary steps to help minimize the risk. Allow our experts at EuroBumperGuard.com to guide you to a safer parking experience