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BumperBadger Retro

Factory direct Price: $34.95
Straps are spaced 22 inches apart
Measure width of trunk opening to ensure best fit

Product Description


BumperBadger is a temporary rear bumper guard that's meant for parked vehicles only (NOT INTENDED FOR DRIVING USE). After you park simply flip the BumperBadger out of the trunk so that it covers the rear bumper. Before driving or operating the vehicle flip the product back inside the trunk and store flat.

Not all bumper guards are created equal. Get a bumper protector that really works in the street. Bumper guards are a must have in the urban jungle of New York City. The Bumper Bully is an all weather rear bumper protector made of industrial strength rubber. Vehicles that wear a Bumper Bully have a lower incidence of rear bumper damage than those without a Bumper Bully. Tired of getting screw marks pimpled all over your bumper, then a Bumper Bully is a must have. The Bumper Bully was developed by a parking expert, with years of experience in valet parking


bumperbadger retro specs front

Overall width = 40 inches
Height = 12 inches
Distance between straps = 25 inches
Length of straps = 28 inches

bumperbadger retro specs back


The BumperBadger is a must have if you park on the street. Features include (1) Linear raised ribbing that protrude from the front surface and provide a flexible impact zone to cushion minor parking bumps (2) Top stabilizer bars keep the BumperBadger flat and stable on the bumper for maximum protection (3) Triple stitched trunk straps are strong and anchor the BumperBadger inside the trunk (4) and extra wide surface to cover more of the bumper.

  • Patented Top Stabilizer Bars - Keeps Product Flat on the Bumper
  • Premium Quality Material - All Weather Protection
  • Impact Absorption Zones - Raised Ribs Cushion Minor Parking Bumps
  • Extra Wide Protection Area For Maximum Protection - 40 inches Wide x 12 inch Tall
  • Triple Stitched Trunk Straps - For Durability and Strength


Patented Top Stabilizer Bars

The patented stabilizer bar system keeps the BumperBadger from sagging. Integrally formed within the product, the stabilizer bars lend structural stability to the bumper guard and provide a secure anchor point for the straps. The structural rigidity provided by the stabilizer bars ensures the product will stay flat on the bumper, preventing flop overs and sagging corners.


Premium All Weather Material

Bumper Badger is made of an all weather material that stays flexible even in the coldest weather. Constructed of only the highest quality materials, the Bumper Badger all weather material can be used rain or shine and will not crack, break or tear.


Impact Absorption Zones

The raised ribs on the BumperBadger cushion minor parking bumps, with raised areas that run linear to the surface, providing strategic impact zones. These areas were designed to flex and compress during parking bumps to absorb some of the impact energy.


License Plate Cut Out Area

For vehicles where the license plate is mounted in the rear bumper, simply cut out the license plate area on the BumperBadger using a sharp razor blade and follow the guidelines on the product. Most vehicles in the U.S. have license plates mounted above the bumpers, so the cutout is available as an option for those vehicles that need it.


No-Touch Straps

The Bumper Badger trunk straps have 2” x 4” soft foam rubber pads on the straps. The pads provide a cushioned surface and raise the straps off the bumper. By raising the straps off the bumper, the soft strap pads add an additional barrier layer between the strap fabric and the vehicle bumper.


  • All Weather MaterialAll Weather MaterialYear round protection
  • Stabilizer BarsStabilizer BarsHolds the BumperBadger in the right position
  • Impact AbsorptionImpact AbsorptionStands up to repeated bumps
  • Extra Wide ProtectionExtra Wide ProtectionMaximum rear coverage
  • Triple Stitched Trunk StrapsTriple StitchedSuper strong Trunk Straps


BumperBadger Retro Install 1

1. Open trunk

2. Center product on bumper

3. Attach velcro straps to the trunk carpet

BumperBadger Retro Install 2


Only use if velcro straps do NOT adhere to trunk carpet

Use the additional two velcro stickers provided. Attach velcro stickers to a clean smooth surface under the trunk carpet or other accessible area.

Important: make sure the product Does not block the vehicle’s exhaust pipes

Product Reviews

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  1. Easy to flip out 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 29th 2016

    In less than 10 seconds I can flip this out of my trunk. Seems like it should protect against bumper impacts from other vehicles. Only time will tell...

Straps are spaced 22 inches apart
Measure width of trunk opening to ensure best fit