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       Indoor Parking Garage
Bumper Guard
Rear Bumper Protection
5 Star Rated Bumper Protection
- 360' All Around Protection
- Adjustable Velcro Straps
- Designed For Parking Garages
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       Outdoor All Weather
Rear Bumper Protector
Rear Bumper Protector
5 Star Rated Rear Bumper Protector
- Silicone Like Rubber - NO PVC
- Patented Stabilizer Bars
- Steel Reinforced Straps (SRS)
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Front License Plate Guard

Front Bumper Protection
5 Star Rated Front Bumper Protection
- V-Teck Energy Foam
- 2.25 Inches of Flexible Foam
- Will Not Rust or Crack !
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       DoorShox Magnetic
Car Door Guards
Car Door Protection
5 Star Rated Car Door Protection
- Helps Prevent Dings and Dents
- Soft Touch Magnetic Feet
- V-Tech All Weather Foam
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       Parking Armor Outdoor
Rear Bumper Protection
Rear Bumper Guard
5 Star Rated Rear Bumper Guards
- Great For Street Parking
- 2 Inch Thick Engergy Foam
- Extra Wide & Extra Tough
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Color Match Bumper Guards
Corner Bumper Guards
5 Star Rated Corner Corner Bumper Guards
- Over 60 + Colors Available
- Cut & Trim For Custom Fit
- 3M Adhesive Backing
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       BumpTEK European
Corner Bumper Protection
Corner Bumper Guards
5 Star Rated Corner Corner Bumper Guards
- European Design
- Protect Bumper Corners
- Adds Style and Protection
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Car Door Edge Guards
Door Edge Guards Guards
5 Star Rated Corner Corner Bumper Guards
- Over 60 + Colors Available
- Fast & Easy Installation
- 3M Adhesive Backing
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       OEM Color Matched
Car Door Protection Kits
Car Side Door Protection
5 Star Rated Car Side Door Guards
- Prevent Dings and Dents
- Many OEM Colors Available
- 3M Adhesive Backing
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not sure which bumper guard is right for your vehicle ?

Given the damaging and destructive nature of most automobile parking situations today, EuroBumperGuard.com wants to help you pick the best bumper protector possible for your vehicle and parking situation. Please consider where you park your car most often to determine the best and most effective protective products for your needs…

Indoor Bumper Protection For NYC Parking Garages

Parking garage attendants are notorious for parking cars to close to each other and causing damage. If you park in a garage you are at risk and you should consider Bumper Blocker, full coverage bumper protection. Bumper Blockers are available for both the front and rear bumpers are designed to wrap around the entire bumper, protecting even the corners. The Bumper Blocker product line is water resistant, and modular by design to allow for replacement parts if necessary.

Outdoor Parking – All Weather Rear Bumper Protection

Outdoor parking is inherently dangerous for any vehicle because you never know who is going to park in front of or behind you and how long they are planning to stay. For outdoor parkers we recommend either the Bumper Bully or Parking Armor product lines. The Bumper Bully products are made of a PVC free silicone-like rubber material. Bumper Bully offers three different models, Black, Gold and Platinum, each with its own unique security and protection features. The Parking Armor products have a foam core covered by waterproof material giving protected vehicles a little extra cushion in cases of careless drivers. Parking Armor offers three different sizes to enable a great fit for almost any vehicle. Both the Bumper Bully and Parking Armor product lines are weatherproof and are designed for outdoor parking use.

Magnetic Car Door Protection Products

One area of vehicles most susceptible to damage is the door. DoorShox is designed to protect your vehicle’s doors in all different situations, from careless people who throw their doors open with no regard for the car parked next to them or garage attendants who park vehicles only inches apart to conserve space. DoorShox products are made of a flexible foam rubber to best absorb any impact and adhere to your vehicle magnetically, so please make sure your doors are not aluminum. DoorShox is available in both valet and standard editions to meet the needs of any parking situation.

Front Bumper Protection for Any Parking Type

Lots of vehicles today have parking sensors, which are great for helping when you park, but what about all those people that think they have just a little more room to back up, then end up “kissing” the bumper behind them. BumpShox is a line of protective license plate replacement frames for the front bumper. BumpShox products are made of a weatherproof flexible foam rubber making them shock absorbent and very resilient to impact. BumpShox offers three different models, the 2.0, 3.0 and XL, each offering a different design and level of protection for your vehicle. All BumpShox models are equipped with a top flex-fin to protect your vehicle from taller SUVs.

OEM Color Matched Car Door Guards

Manufacturers put a lot of thought into the esthetic design of their vehicles and a lot of people want to protect their vehicles from the treacherous parking conditions without taking away from the look of their vehicle. BumperDefender products are color matched to your vehicle while offering a semi-permanent protective solution, which can be removed if necessary, but do not have to be removed each time before driving and blend inconspicuously into the design of your vehicle. BumperDefender products use 3M adhesive and have the color molded thru the entire product so the color will not scratch off as the result of an impact, and they come in a variety of sizes, lengths and shapes to fit all of your vehicle’s protective needs.

European Styled Corner Bumper Guards

Almost all drivers can attest to the fact that the corners of their vehicle are the most susceptible to damage. The BumpTek product line of corner bumper guards offers an excellent solution to drivers most concerned with corner damage caused by people’s miscalculation of space or angle while trying to squeeze in to the space in front of or behind another vehicle. Our bumper guards use 3M adhesive and are made from a flexible UV resistant polyurethane material, making them extremely durable and protective. BumpTek corner bumper protection are available in three different sizes, small, medium and large, and come in sets of 4 pieces, enough to cover all your corners.

Urban Street Parking Protection and Muni-Meter Parking Ticket Receipt Holders

Urban street parking, especially in large cities like New York, Boston, Chicago and Washington D.C., can result in a lot of damage to your vehicle if its not properly protected. Protecting your vehicle from careless street parkers is a necessity, for which we recommend a combination of the BumpShox product line for front bumper protection and either the BumperBully or Parking Armor product lines for rear bumper protection. But, protecting your vehicle is only the first step for urban street parkers. Even worse then the potential damage to your vehicle is the potential parking ticket you can receive for improper display of your Muni-Meter or parking ticket receipt. These tickets can range from $10 to upwards of $100 per “offense” depending on what city you live in, all because the wind blew and the ticket flipped over or you closed your door to hard. To alleviate the concern, we recommend the Muni-Meter Parking Ticket Holder. It sticks to your windshield and holds your parking receipt in place.