Easy Installation Guide For Rear Bumper Guards

Tools Required:
1) High Powered Cutters
2) Pencil or Pen
3) 1" Painters Tape
4) Cleaning Solution & Rag

Weather Conditions:
Best installation is at temperatures above 60 degrees.    During the cold months, it is best to keep the bumper guards indoors until ready to use. For installation below 60 degrees please note the following information.

Remember - You don’t have to be a mechanic to install our product. Just Follow the below Instructions.

bumper guard installation tools

Bumper guard installation tools: (i) painters 1” blue masking tape (ii) pencil (iii) high power cutters  ***Note: do not use household scissors or pliers as it will not cut the rubber nicely. 

selecting bumper guard color

Select the correct color.   Peel only HALF of the adhesive backing from the sample chip and place on the bumper.   Pick the closest match.   

Order Color Sample

measuring rear bumper guard


Measure height of license plate to determine the best install height for the rear bumper guard.    i.e. (In this scene the license plate is 13”-19.5” from the ground.   As such the recommended install height for the rear should fall within this range).  

cleaning rear bumper


Wash the application area and dry completely.




measuring bumper protector

Measure the bumper to determine required length of bumper guard.   If working alone , tape one end of a tape measure to the wheel edge (blue masking tape is used here).   Wrap the tape around the bumper from edge to edge

rear bumper guard

Alternate View

rear bumper protection install
Use the 1” blue masking tape to mark installation location.   You may install the bumper trim under or above the tape.    Walk away from the vehicle and make sure the tape is level all around.

Make sure tape guide is level. If tape is not level your installation may be uneven when installed.


Begin installation by pulling off a foot or so of the adhesive backing.   Slowly work your way around the bumper using the blue tape as guidance.   NOTE:   DO NOT PRESS DOWN UNTIL THE BUMPER GUARD IS PERFECTLY LEVEL.   

installing bumper guard

If you make a mistake gently lift the bumper molding and reposition.   If difficult to remove, slowly rock the bumper guard back and forth until it loosens.

rear bumper protector

If part of your bumper is chipped or damaged prior to installation we recommend placing a piece of the tape over the adhesive on the bumper guard.

bumper guard trim edge

Using a pencil, mark the angle of the wheel edge

cutting bumper guard

Clip straight edge with blade cutter

bumper guard installed
Once Bumper Guard is installed at the correct level, press down firmly with the palms of your hands. Doing this will make sure the adhesive bond has adhered properly to your vehicle

rear bumper guards

Admire your work...