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BumperBully Black

$44.95 Factory direct Price: $39.95
(You save $5.00)
Straps are spaced 24 inches apart – Please be sure to measure width of trunk opening to ensure best fit

Product Description


The Bumper Bully with Impact Absorber accessory is the ultimate bumper protector. This bumper guard package includes both the Bumper Bully and Impact Absorber accessory together, at a discounted price. The Impact Absorber is a thick soft foam rubber 10mm thick that sticks to the backside of the Bumper Bully, and helps soften the impact.

Not all bumper guards are created equal. Get a bumper protector that really works in the street. Bumper guards are a must have in the urban jungle of New York City. The Bumper Bully is an all weather rear bumper protector made of industrial strength rubber. Vehicles that wear a Bumper Bully have a lower incidence of rear bumper damage than those without a Bumper Bully. Tired of getting screw marks pimpled all over your bumper, then a Bumper Bully is a must have. The Bumper Bully was developed by a parking expert, with years of experience in valet parking


BumperBully Specs 01

Overall width = 46 inches
Height = 12 inches
Distance between straps = 22 inches
Length of straps = 28 inches

BumperBully Specs 02


Despite what most people think, not all bumper guards are made the same. The Bumper Bully material feels soft to the touch and has an elastic quality.

Competitor products might look like rubber, but they are really made from a cheap quality hard PVC plastic and have no elasticity. Which one would you prefer? The Bumper Bully bumper protector is all about quality. For this reason we use an all weather rubber material that stays flexible even in coldest weather.

  • All Weather Material
  • Premium Quality Soft, Elastic Rubber Material
  • 46” x 12” Extra Wide
  • Proprietary Impact Absorbing Rubber
  • Soft Touch Impact Pads**(Platinum Edition ONLY)


Stabilizer Bar System

The patented stabilizer bar system keeps the BumperBully from sagging. Integrally formed within the product, the stabilizer bars lend structural stability to the bumper guard and provide a secure anchor point for the straps. The structural rigidity provided by the stabilizer bars ensures the product will stay flat on the bumper, preventing flop overs and sagging corners.


Waterproof Trunk Straps

The BumperBully trunk straps are made from a special coated material that keeps water from being sucked through the strap and into the trunk. Only the area of the straps exposed to the elements will get wet, the water will not bleed into the rest of the strap, ensuring your trunk any everything in it stays dry.


All Weather Material

Despite what most people think, not all bumper guards are made the same, the Bumper Bully feels soft to the touch and has an elastic quality. The Bumper Bully is all about quality, made of an all weather rubber material that stays flexible even in coldest weather. Our all weather rubber material can be used rain or shine and will not crack, break or tear.


Soft Touch Strap Pads

The BumperBully trunk straps have 2” x 4” soft foam rubber pads on the straps. The pads provide a cushioned surface and raise the straps off the bumper. By raising the straps off the bumper, the soft strap pads add an additional barrier layer between the strap fabric and the vehicle bumper.


Air Impact Ribs

The raised ribs on the BumperBully cushion minor parking bumps, with raised areas that run linear to the surface, providing strategic impact zones. These areas were designed to flex and compress during parking bumps to absorb some of the impact energy.


  • All Weather MaterialAll Weather MaterialAll season protection
  • Stabilizer BarStabilizer BarFirmly in place
  • Exoskeleton RibsExoskeleton RibsDurability in design
  • Flex Channel HingeFlex Channel HingeConforms as needed
  • Foam Rubber Strap PadsFoam Rubber Strap PadsQuality materials
  • WaterProof Trunk StrapsWaterProof StrapsReady for any condition


1. Open trunk and attach strap ends to the carpet * (Fig 1)

2. Center product on rear bumper and adjust straps. Product should always be positioned above the rear exhaust pipes. (Do not block the vehicles exhaust pipes)

3. Before driving be sure to place product inside the trunk (do not drive with product attached). With the velcro straps still attached place the product flat inside the trunk (Fig 2) OPTIONAL: If the BumperBully blocks your rear license plate you may cut out the center portion using a a razor. Use the raised edge as a guide. WARNING! FAILURE TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTONS MAY CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY

NOTE: * If Velcro does not adhere to the vehicle’s carpet, you can use the additional two velcro stickers provided. Attach velcro stickers to a clean smooth surface under the trunk carpet or another accessible area; the straps ends can then attach here. If your vehicle has a spare tire compartment in the trunk, you may drop the straps into the compartment and close the lid (Fig 3). The weight of the lid will keep the straps in place. *** See additional pictures

Caution: Never drive a vehicle with product (Bumper Bully) attached. Doing so may be dangerous. Do not block or cover vehicle's exhaust pipe. Covering the exhaust pipe can damage the product and can allow dangerous fumes to enter the vehicle - resulting in injury or death.


Product Reviews

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  1. No more dings? 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 30th 2017

    I've only had it for a week, but I feel better knowing it is on my new car. I acquired a ding within the first three weeks of owning the car due to a careless parker, so hopefully this will protect the bumper. It was easy to install and is no problem to flip it up into the trunk before driving away. Velcro straps adhered to my trunk carpet just fine and the quality is good. I laugh every time I see someone driving with one on, which is more often than you might think. Much cheaper than replacing a bumper.

  2. Street Parking Protection 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 27th 2017

    As the owner of a new 2017 Toyota Prius Prime, I was looking for bumper protection when parking on Chicago streets. The BumperBully Black attaches securely to my rear cargo floor and stows discreetly under the cargo liner when not in use. The thickness of the rubber appears sufficient to help defend against minor dings.

  3. Easy Install 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 13th 2016

    This product was very easy to install, which I was worried about because I don't have a carpet in my truck (I drive an SUV). The extra velco provided made installation extremely easy. The only reason I didn't rate this 5 stars is because the product is a bit smaller than I'd like for an SUV so my bumper doesn't have comprehensive coverage, but other than that I'm extremely satisfied.

Straps are spaced 24 inches apart – Please be sure to measure width of trunk opening to ensure best fit