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ParkingArmor 3.6

Factory direct Price: $79.95
Not Sure What Size To Order? Fit Guide
Straps are spaced 24 inches apart. Your trunk opening must be a minimum of 24 inches apart to install the product correctly.

Product Description


Premium rear car bumper protection for your parked vehicle. Provides a cushioned barrier from minor parking bumps a common cause of bumper scratches, chips and nicks. 3.6 Model is best for vehicles with smaller trunk space. The 2” hi-density foam is covered in a rubber like fabric covering for outdoor or indoor car bumper protection. Note: For Parked Vehicles Only!

The ParkingArmor 3.6 is hands down the best and most effective rear car bumper protector on the market. The 2" thick foam core is lightweight and perfect for cushioning parking bumps. Weather resistant rubber-like material is suitable for outdoor street parking as well as parking garages.


ParkingArmor Specs

Overall width = 36 inches
Height = 12 inches
Distance between straps = 24 inches
Length of straps = 28 inches

ParkingArmor Specs


  • 36" x 12" Bumper Protection Area
  • Waterproof Steel Reinforced Straps - SRS Straps (Helps Deter Theft)
  • 2" EXTRA Thick Hi-Density Foam Core - ULTRA BRITE Silver Safety Strip
  • Soft Anti-Skid Foam Pads Behind Trunk Straps (Soft On Paint Finish)
  • "Flex-Body" Structure - Allows Parking Armor To Flex Around the Contours of Your Bumper
  • Ever Brite Safety Reflector
  • Universal Fit – Works with most vehicles

ParkingArmor Feature

Weather Resistant

Despite what most people think, not all bumper guards are alike. Parking Armor is made of an industrial coated material, resistant to rain, snow and sleet. Parking Armor is all about quality, made of an all weather rubber-like coated material, Parking Armor stays flexible even in coldest weather.

ParkingArmor Feature

Turtle Tough Material

Parking Armor has a durable weather-resistant exterior, similar to that of a turtle’s shell, protecting it from the elements and providing maximum coverage for your bumper. With a micro textured coating, ParkingArmor is resistant to not only the elements, but dirt and debris build up too.

ParkingArmor Feature
ParkingArmor Feature

Steel Reinforced Straps (SRS)

For added security there is a vinyl coated steel cable embedded inside the heavy-duty trunk straps of the ParkingArmor. The straps are then triple stitched for durability. Traditional scissors or knives cannot cut the steel reinforced straps on the Parking Armor, so you can park with ease on crowded city streets.

ParkingArmor Feature

Soft Touch Strap Pads

Parking Armor trunk straps have 2” x 4” soft foam rubber pads on the straps. The pads provide a cushioned surface and raise the straps off the bumper. By raising the straps off the bumper, the soft strap pads add an additional barrier layer between the strap fabric and the vehicle bumper.

ParkingArmor Feature
ParkingArmor Feature

High Intensity Reflector

Using only the best quality products, ParkingArmor incorporates a full-length reflector, which provides increased vehicle visibility and better durability. The reflector is extra bright and runs the full length of the ParkingArmor, so it provides better illumination and vehicle visibility when parked on dark roads or during emergency stops.

ParkingArmor Feature

Conforms to Bumper

ParkingArmor is composed of an industrial strength hi-impact foam core. The flexibility of the foam enables the ParkingArmor to conform to the shape of the vehicle’s bumper once the trunk is closed.

ParkingArmor Feature
ParkingArmor Feature

Flex Hinge System

Designed with a Flex Hinge System, the ParkingArmor is able to bend and flex around the contours of the bumper’s top edge. Once curved around the top edge, the flex hinge system allows the ParkingArmor to sit flush with the body of the bumper.

ParkingArmor Feature

Soft Impact Pads

ParkingArmor comes with an added layer of impact protection, soft foam rubber impact cushions in strategic locations on the back of the product. The impact pads provide an added cushioned surface between the product and the bumper, best able to absorb impact from minor parking bumps.

ParkingArmor Feature

  • All Weather MaterialAll Weather MaterialUV resistant and weather rated
  • WaterProof Steel Reinforced StrapsWaterProof StrapsSteel Reinforced
  • Hi-Density Foam CoreHi-Density Foam CoreExtra thick protection
  • Anti-Skid Foam PadsAnti-Skid Foam PadsKeeps everything in palce
  • Flex Body StructureFlex Body StructureDoes not crack like plastic
  • Universal fitUniversal fitFits most vehicles
  • 3 sizesAvailable In 3 SizesMaximum rear bumper protection


Install ParkingArmor


Open your trunk and adhere the Velcro end of the strap to the carpet lining.*


Center Parking Armor on the rear bumper and adjust straps as needed. Product should always be positioned above the rear exhaust pipes. DO NOT USE product if it may come in contact or block vehicle's exhaust pipes.

Install ParkingArmor


Before driving return Parking Armor inside the trunk (never drive and/or operate vehicle with product attached). Parking Armor is designed to be used with parked vehicles only.


* If velcro straps do not stick to the trunk carpet, use the(2) extra velcro stickers provided. You can mount the velcro to any hard plastic surface inside the trunk. Product straps can then attach here.

Fit Guide

Before purchasing a ParkingArmor please consider the following:

If your trunk space is small order the 3.6 Parking Armor. This will allow the bumperguard to store flat inside the trunk. Measure the inside width of the trunk to ensure it will fit.

The location of the vehicle’s exhaust pipes in the bumper is important. Note: the PORSCHE CAYENNE has exhaust pipes high in the bumper. Do not cover or block the vehicle’s exhaust ( even after parking the exhaust pipes remain hot and may damage the product voiding any warranty). For a best fit measure the distance between the exhausts and choose a product that would fit between the pipes.


If you plan to park on the street, do not cover your rear license plate with ParkingArmor. or you risk a summons.

Such as Porsche 911, Ferrari, Lamborghini type vehicles...


Product Reviews

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  1. Parking Amor 3.6 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 13th 2017

    So I've done tons of research for a rear bumper protector. Most of the rubber door mats as I like to call them on the market do very little to protect rear bumper from scratches and dings. And more importantly they are flimsy and look ugly.

    This product is made of quality material and ive had it for about a month now. It's 2 inches thick with some sort of dense foam material. Sort of like memory foam but harder. It is encapsulated with a thick black vinyl material that is waterproofed. Now instructions have a disclaimer that warns you not to drive with it on for safety reasons. I get that. I live in NYC so this is a necessity as anyone who lives here would agree.

    I don't advocate driving with it on. Follow the instructions installing it properly and you won't have any issues either. I like the fact that it comes with two 4 inch long pieces of Velcro that attaches to the underside of each strap. The Velcro as instructed should be stuck on to the molding or metal frame. stick the Velcro on the inside of vehicle frame body, left and right side of the trunk. This gives the Parking armor better stability and secures it in place. I purchased additional Velcro form local hardware store and added to it on each side for even better security. Additionally I snaked a rope through each end of the straps (each end has a loop in it) and then tied the rope to trunk frame inside for further security. In other words if someone wanted to steal it, they would have to cut the exposed straps. But that would render it useless if they did so it would defeat the purpose.

    In closing I have to give it 5 stars and a highly recommend to buy. I wish I had known about this product long ago so I wouldn't have wasted my money on the other useless (floor mat) products. It ain't cheap. But you get what you pay for. And with Parking Amor, you get quality built.

  2. Awesome!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 23rd 2016

    Very easy to install-took 1 minute. Padding is super high density. Highly Recommend.

Not Sure What Size To Order? Fit Guide
Straps are spaced 24 inches apart. Your trunk opening must be a minimum of 24 inches apart to install the product correctly.